On June 1, 2017 Norway’s very first Bitcoin ATM was introduced at the Kasbah Hub.

Vincent Olislagers, a Dutch interaction designer with a keen interest in software development and hardware progamming, first held a much appreciated talk: Blockchain, how it works and why you should care.

Link to the YouTube-video: https://www.facebook.com/thekasbahhub/videos/1875008969491362/

Later on he introduced us to the very first Bitcoin ATM in Norway.

If you sign up at http://bit.ly/bitcoinoslo  you will receive more information and updates on when the machine will be up and running at the Kasbah Hub. Via this form you can let them know which coins you want to buy and when they become available!

We from the Norway Bitcoin and Blockchain Association would like to say a big thank you to Vincent and his team at mikro-bank.no for bringing Bitcoin another step closer to the public!

Feel free to have a look at their website mikro-bank.no where you can find more information (in english and norwegian) on how the machine is working.