Happy New Year everyone! We wish you all the best for 2018.

At the first event of this year we’ve invited Rune Bergh!

Rune Bergh studies information security at NTNU and leads Jötunvillur(.io), working with recruitment, market and ico analysis, Ico and white paper consulting, already advising the first actively managed fund in Europe, based in Norway.

Rune will talk about the real use-cases of decentralized technology and why decentralization really matters more than being a buzzword. The talk will bring up a few well known cryptos that have real usecases, with examples, and a few lesser known projects to keep an eye on.

We will live stream this event and of course there will be time for a Q&A as well 😉

This event will be in English. Enjoy!

See you at @KasbahHub on January 11th, 7 pm.